My question is about puppies. He is on three AED’s and is considered a “serious epileptic” by his neurologist. So say the experts. Understanding what you’re up against goes a long way towards helping you think clearly. As a CVT, i was shocked by the first few paragraphs of this article. Together, we can change the world, one Vital Animal at a time! I took the cat to a vet for her booster shots about a month ago and yesterday I brought her in for a Rabies vaccination. Doesnt the person bitten by a dog without current rabies shot have to endure painful injections for rabies? Check out the different places as costs vary. It could be a problem if you were bitten or the dog was bitten…..and either of you needed treatment. Roxanne gets the credit for this one: Print out and keep a copy of the Compendium with you, along with your rabies vaccination certificate and titer results. I’m just really scared they’ll try to kill my dog. Nick was up to date!! How about giving Homeopathic Lessin at time of shot? Great info! If you are unable to verify that a dog has received its vaccination, there’s is a possibility that you have contracted the rabies virus. Second, if you can put your foot down to resist the shots (not in the belly, not painful any longer, but vaccines are best avoided if you value your long term health), I’d refuse them. My 5 yr old was excited to have a visitor but sad that she had missed them. The 2016 Compendium now treats domestic animals that are not up-to-date with their vaccine, but have had one in the past, as they treat animals that are current, (booster and 45-day observation under owner’s control). I’m so scared. It’s the go to reference for veterinarians, public health officials, vaccine manufacturers, and hopefully, animal control agencies. Let me tell you that if she had been “up to date” on her rabies shot the thought of suing would never cross my mind. Let me know what to do. Treat the wound as noted above. Hi Dr Falconer, Food for thought! The actual test is RFFIT-Rabies Antibody Endpoint, and KSU’s fee is $65. Whether the dog is suspected to have rabies. Furthermore, in most places, the rabies vaccine for dogs is legally required. Dog bites also can cause medical problems that aren’t immediately obvious, such as rabies. It’s usually a tangled mess and traumatic. Thanks for any help -Worried. So, who knows how far they would take it. Both times the injury was caused by my own small breed dog who was up to date on vaccinations. I was shocked. This is amazing, coming from the AVMA! Any other ideas? Immunologists, is that who he said? I doubt they even looked for that. PEP is required under following conditions: ● If the bite has broken the skin and the wound is bleeding. I failed my dog because I didn’t push back hard enough that we could do a home quarantine and he didn’t legally need a vet “check”. In some instances, you’ll be able to administer first aid to yourself. Hi Allison, DONT WORRY ABOUT WHAT IS IN YOUR PETS FOOD, WORRY ABOUT WHAT IT LACKS! Even though I know she was vaccinated as a puppy, I don’t have any vaccinations records for her. It needs to be kept cold; a gel ice pack works well. Good for you, CJ. Certain breeds bite more than others. Was I a complete fool for following those voices that said she’d be immune for life from her early rabies shot? No fine, no forcing (though they may try). If you go to the home page, I believe you will find a link to homeopathic vets located in your area. Unconventional Wisdom For Naturally Healthy Animals, Last updated on May 2, 2019 By Will Falconer, DVM 99 Comments. Print and/or save to your Evernote account. That was the message from two different vets in town, and it was stated strongly and authoritatively. Therefore, evidence of circulating rabies virus antibodies should not be used as a substitute for current vaccination in managing rabies exposures or determining the need for booster vaccinations in animals.” Required fields are marked *. Also is there a specific brand of rabies vaccine and/or dose I should ask for OR avoid ? You know, I learned a painful lesson here; make sure that the phone numbers connected to your dog’s registration is current, (just in case something like this happens) if a love one dies and you assume responsibility for a beloved pet. No wiggle room there. Once there’s no longer an immediate threat, it’s important to determine if the dog has been inoculated against rabies. Tetanus is a bacterial disease. Inoculating your own dog for rabies and staying away from unknown dogs is your best defense against dog bites and their complications. If you’ve been bitten by a dog and notice signs of infection, see a doctor. I went to the doctor (because pregnant and worried that i needed a tetanus shot which I got) and they had to file with animal control. When I got home I read the paperwork and the label from the vial they stick on the certificate said the vaccine expired 3 weeks ago! Seek immediate medical attention if you’ve been bitten by a dog and you aren’t sure of their vaccination history or know that they’re not up-to-date on their rabies vaccinations. Kymba and I say Thanks!! Rabies is transmitted to the dog almost exclusively by the bite of another animal and virus-containing saliva (5). If the dog is unaccompanied, ask anyone who witnessed the attack if they’re familiar with the dog and know where the owner lives. Severe scarring, or scars which occur in visible areas such as the face, can be reduced through medical techniques such as grafting or plastic surgery. On top of that, he is a very intelligent, vibrant, enthusiastic well behaved family pet but the reality is that he is a GSD and there are loads of pre and misconceptions about the breed. Dogs, bats, skunks, coyotes, raccoons, and foxes are examples of animals that can carry rabies. She will say in writing that the dog is adequately or more than adequately protected. The question on everyone’s lips will be, “Is she up to date on her rabies shots?”. My traditional vet said he would do a titer (rabies) and if the level was high enough, then maybe he would sign the waiver for my dog that has a medical condition. And then, speak confidently that more vaccines are not something you will be giving your already-vacc’d pup. In addition, you'll have access to special features, like Dr. Falconer's ebook Insider Immune Protocols and the Bach Flowers for Animals Course, both free with membership. My only concern is that I like to travel to the US with them and haven’t been able to do so without “current” paperwork. Hi Betty, It is important to keep your pets up-to-date on their rabies vaccines. Some clinics offer a 3 year rabies vaccine but THAT DOES NOT APPLY TO DISTEMPER, BORDETELLA OR OTHERS! Hi Helen, Keep a copy of your rabies vaccination certificate with you, even if it’s “out of date.” That lands your dog in the vaccinated vs unvaccinated group, a desirable status should a bite occur. The hospital reported the bite and the county called us 5 days later and told us if we didn’t get him checked immediately by a vet, they would come and get him for “quarantine”. Thank you for taking the time to post the lovely pictures of nature in your newsletter. Ten years is the presumed duration, one has sufficient immunity. Love this article. I was bit yesterday by the neighbors’ 1.5 yr old pit who’s had No immunizations. Dog bites transmit more than 95 percent of all rabies cases in humans worldwide. There is no rule saying you cant change clinics. I was very annoyed that the Vet didn’t verify what she was injecting my cat with, I had words for her and she offered to re vaccinate my cat for free, I declined and said I will take a refund instead! If this behavior on the dog’s part was unheard of until recently, that’s a stronger argument that the bite may have been caused by rabies. A stray dog rests in a pedestrian walkway at the Pathankot train station in Punjab, India. If you’ve been bitten by a dog, it’s important to tend to the injury right away to reduce your risk of bacterial infection. Dad’s number was all they had. It’s been 2 years this month and it still shocks me that this is how he died. If this is the case and the dog cannot be observed for 10 days, you should seek medical care immediately and probably will need shots. I thought we were past the trust issues but tonight he bit me twice when I entered the room – puncturing the skin above my left ankle and drawing blood at my right knee. How terribly unfortunate for Nick and your family. Tammy then goes and puts the dog in the crate and comes back to check on my child. Plus, if we travel to the U.S., I have been told (perhaps incorrectly) that a Rabies Vaccination is required. Unfortunately the Rabies Titer-Response was ‘Less than 0.5 IU/mL’, which is considered unacceptable by the World Health Organization. Animals who have rabies are often highly suspicious and greatly aggravated by water, especially moving water (hence the other name for rabies: hydrophobia). After my dad died his Brittany Spaniel, “Nick” underwent a personality change. Coming to the USA was a non-issue with this rabies titer document. Also, for the love of your pet do NOT feed blue buffalo. So now the dog is on 10 day quarantine at Tammy’s house (which btw almost did NOT happen simply because I was so pissed off by her telling me that the dog was “up-to-date” when in fact her documentation showed an expired shot record that I felt like she might not tell the truth about the health of her dog over the next 10 days….denial is not only a river in Egypt I could have not signed off and her dog would have gone to animal control for 10 days at her cost and I can assure you that as aggressive as this dog is it would NOT be returning to Tammy. Thanks so much for sharing this painful story with us. I will get her titered soon and believe the mother’s immunities will be present in her pup. Rabies is a potentially fatal condition, which is 100 percent preventable when immediate medical treatment is received. © 2005-2021 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. For this reason, treatment to prevent the rabies virus from infecting your body is recommended if the doctor thinks there's a chance you have been exposed to the virus. With Pack membership comes your free subscription to Dr. Falconer's well-loved Vital Animal® News. If you are unsure about what your clinic says, get a second opinion! Thanks, Doc. Will they report the non vaccinated rabies dog to the country? Maximum duration of immunity found has been 25 years post immunization. I really don’t want to give up walking them though because they love it so much. Contact me via my Contact page, subject line Rabies Tautode, and I’ll exchange info with you if you are interested in trying it. Rabies is a very serious virus. What are possible complications from a dog bite? Here’s what I do because we visit the public space (dog parks, walks to market) daily. 4. copy of statute or rabies law in current county/state – with highlighted portions THIS is not the common cold! Which I think you need to do these days. As for efficacy my doctor does not send me a postcard for tetanus but I know if I get cut by a knife I go in and get a booster even though I have already had the vaccine (more than once). This cat needs to be under the care of a homeopath, regardless of where the illness has come from. That’s not how I work. Anyone know how? By day 4 of this nightmare, I now understand why people sue over a simple “dog bite.” I also now have a non-vaccinated Scotty puppy who was with her mother until 12 weeks old. I generally take expiry dates with a grain of salt. You well know, if you’ve been following along that immunologically speaking, your rabies vaccinated animal is highly likely to be immune for life. What is the rabies vaccine? Depending on the type of infection, symptoms can start appearing within 24 hours up to 14 days after being bitten. Rabies is a lethal condition that is caused by a virus. You can take the presence of any titer to mean that it’s highly likely there’s a long term immunity that will be “awakened” suddenly upon exposure to the disease agent. The odds of lifetime immunity are high if you wait till that age. You may need oral or intravenous antibiotics. The really horrible thing was that Nick was up to date on Rabies shots, there was no reason for them to even remove him in the first place. Hi, Cathy. Years of that experience. That “won’t guarantee every officer’s response” is just what I’m suggesting everyone be ready for. That has been my experience. We have been through hell over the last 72 hours dealing with the CDC, doctors (who have little experience dealing with dog bites, next time I will take her straight to the ER), the health department, animal control…by the time it was reported and animal control showed up it was to late and after the 72 hours. No person in the United States has ever contracted rabies from a dog, cat or ferret held in quarantine for 10 days. It also goes on to say advanced age is not grounds for waiver to be given…, My 5 yr old and I came home and my husband told us that our neighbor Tammy and her son Sam had just dropped by to see us. He is very well adjusted emotionally now, and is very loving and affectionate. I plan in doing a Titer, but that’s all I have for her. At the time a rabid animal bites you, there's no way to know whether the animal has transmitted the rabies virus to you. Don’t know what to do. Main thing: signature, appropriate blanks filled out, boxes checked, etc. Three years ago, I did experience a bite from a newly-adopted dog who was overly excited. you STILL need to go into the clinic once a year! However the problem is if I miss ONE DAY of giving him the medicine, the symptoms return, and get worse every day, then they get better when I give him this homeopathic again. Any titer showing = immunity established. Should I just sit and wait for the health department to show up or should I take action and take the dog to the vet and get a rabies titer and updated rabies shot? If your skin wasn’t broken, wash the area with warm water and soap. More studying is in order for you. Hey Rosemarie, I’ll file civil suit since the county voted not to allow animal euthanization even for animals that bite repeatedly. Thanks so much!! If your dog bites someone, sure, you are responsible. URL of AVMA Rabies Waiver policy: I was at work when it happened so I was not there to protect Nick from the gestapo Animal Control people who seized him and euthanized him almost immediately. Before the U.S. government made dog vaccinations mandatory starting in the 1950s, there were several hundred deaths each years from rabies contracted from dog bites … Wow, Belinda! Dr. Falconer, and who else? A bite from a large dog may result in broken, splintered, or fractured bones, especially in the legs, feet, or hands. The pet groomers at Petco refused to trim my cat’s claws without a rabies vaccination certificate! Certain infections from dog bites can be very serious and lead to complications. My dog caught and killed 2 low flying small ones today , Reading the AVMA stance on rabies vaccine waivers makes me angry. plz help me lol do chihuahuas usauly bite cause my dog doesn’t have her rabies shot she hates water and is scared by loud noises and moving things she knows sit kinda plz help me idw my dogs head to be cut off, My pet had a wound room Em to doc and they asked for rabies certificate but it’s expired so they said to lock pet in a bedroom room for 6 months and only 1 person can go in and feed and water it. A volunteer from a cat rescue helped me trap her and took her to the SPCA and she was spayed, given core vaccinations and de wormed. Ridiculous. This is wonderful news, but I am still looking for the evidence that an up-to-date vaccinated dog can contract rabies. After all her dog is up to date and it is a one tooth puncture wound. Follow up with an application of antibacterial lotion and cover with a sterile bandage. But for deeper wounds and those from strange dogs, it might be time for a trip to the ER. Sure, Ellen. I now have a binder with each of my pets records and the printout of the cdc and county requirements. The most important question in our visit revolved around this critical question: Would Sam be put to sleep if he bit someone and was out of date on his rabies vaccination? Hey Lorraine, So we took him to the only vet open at that time of night (they called 4pm, so by the time we argued and they threatened us, only one was still open). What do you think of that plan? Odds are, the bitee realized she wasn’t bitten by a rabid dog and saw no need to report it. He’s been in Phenobarbital for the past 4 years and it’s affecting his liver. But knowing it and being able to produce a document from CDC are two different things. The emergency room or urgent care center personnel may ask you how long it has been since your last tetanus shot. I have proof of past vaccinations for him and will also titer and arm myself with the ammo mentioned above. Always seek emergency medical help if you suspect a broken bone. Best of luck, Taylor. This can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections to occur when left untreated. Had I known they fight,I would’ve insisted the jealous 1 be in her crate. It’s as if rabies is affecting everyone’s clear thinking, much as it clouds that of the rabid animal, causes him to “lose his mind” and bite unthinkingly. Keep in mind that not only is it too late for my daughter if this dog is in fact infected with rabies from this dog bite but even if she did get approved for PEP which is not even up to me, her mother but some state health official they do NOT know how the PEP Rabies treatment effects children. The type of first aid you administer will be determined by the severity of the bite. Don’t know which dog bit me. THANK YOU! If you are reading this consider this a warning from a legal standpoint – get your pet vaccinated if you want to be sure that you will not be sued should your dog bite someone. Here’s what the Compendium states from the same paragraph referenced above: Any stray or unwanted dog, cat, or ferret that potentially exposes a person to rabies may be euthanized immediately and the head submitted for rabies examination.”. My dog was not up to date the other dog was. My child wanted to go visit the next day (she was not in fear) so I figured no harm, no foul…I will not let her go over there again but it was no big deal. Adults should get a booster at least every 10 years, or possibly earlier if there’s a chance…. I rescue, train, breed, and interact daily with dogs….I have been bitten through interceding in a dog fight, and been bitten by a new scared sh!tless rescue….. life is still good! My bite ending up being a stage 4 out of 6 puncture and tear wound that went through the middle of my palm and out through my thumb with no fracture! No - if the puppy had rabies, the puppy would be dead quickly. I’m going to contact you through your Contact page for information about that ‘Rabies Tautode’ but I wanted to post this here for others to read in my situation. No 10 day hold by animal control “we are overwhelmed by the fires and all the pets we’ve got from it’. My 10 pound dog developed severe allergies after getting her 2 rabies shots. Titers do not directly correlate with protection because other immunologic factors also play a role in preventing rabies, and the ability to measure and interpret those other factors is not well-developed. I’d have fought for Nick and gotten him back, instead of watching my kids cry over his untimely end. We hope you'll join us inside. Dr. Falconer, can you elaborate on what is meant by this statement concerning other immunologic factors and why they would interfere with a rabies titer result? That’s based on good work done on autism cures from the people who followed Dr. Tinus Smits’ work, aka CEASE therapy. My dog bit someone in my property, she has been vaccinated for rabies, but outdated. If you or your child has been bitten by an animal, you might be worried about getting rabies or having to get rabies shots. Have the information printed out so you have your ammunition. a. AVMA update that waivers are sometimes necessary Adults should get a tetanus booster shot every 10 years. Since then my dog made a full recovery that was a long road. Rabies Serology. The rabies virus is spread to humans through the bite of an infected animal. He was vaccinated at the humane society in Sept 2016 where I adopted him from. I suspect they are not significantly different. Plus, we live in Oak Hill and have Squirrel, Rats and Bunnies, which she chases if she sees them before we do. That, and preventing skirmishes should get you by without much cost or risk. The number of deaths due to dog bites in the United States annually is very low. His owner died, and a woman across the street who had four or five Persians herself, took the cat to adopt it out to someone. Rabies is caused by a virus that affects the central nervous system. Some will transfer that moving water fear or aggression to things that move or even even shine, like mirrors. 5. full articles with highlighted portions Dog bites can cause several complications. It took a long time, but it eventually removed most of the symptoms. Dog bites can be scary and, when left untreated, can also cause serious complications. I am not sure what to do. He was a dog who had to be constantly monitored, kept on a short leash with a shock collar to be used if he started getting crazy. Keep in mind that if the results come back low you will be pressured to comply with vaccines. Lot of complications to deal with and a big dollop of ignorance on the part of your local health dept. I live in spain with my lovely gsd cross rescue dog and am totally anti the annual rabies shot they state is a legal requirement. Will they try to arrest you for being wise about this? Sincerely, helen. (And really, nowhere in my knowledge does a vet have any kind of law enforcement capacity, and I doubt if Spain is any different in that regard.). Let us know if you find a titer, Jennifer. The part I highlighted when I put in my book is in the first paragraph: Yet another example of ignorant people making life and death decisions. We in homeopathic veterinary practice see it daily. You’ll need to be smarter (and quicker!) While I don’t see the words “unvaccinated” in this section, I think it may be safe to assume you’ll not have much shelter from the law if your unvaccinated animal bites a person. Keeping a cool head and confidently providing documents like this will get you far. Gently press a clean cloth over the wound to stop the flow of blood. You’d want to think long and hard before ignoring the possibility of rabies. I would like to know where to have a titer done since I do not know any holistic vets in my neck of the woods. 2. 1. last rabies certificate (out of date) Duration of Immunity and Rabies Vaccination. Ironically, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency references the US compendium but leaves it at that. All dogs and cats that have bitten a person need to be quarantined for 10 days and checked by a vet for signs of rabies. Third, you’re likely to need serious work to your hand, agreed. Immunologists would have a problem with that. Her dog obviously doesn’t have rabies and has been in quarantine for 2 weeks but this is the 3rd person she’s bit. You know, the guys who thought raw food an unacceptable risk to the average dog? The report, updated periodically (last in 2016) makes recommendations on rabies vaccination, management of animals exposed to rabies, and management of animals that bite humans. I hope this thread is still active. I’ve often stated the importance of keeping good records to prove your animal is rabies vaccinated, even if that vaccination is considered “out of date” by official types. Her previous owner died before I could get them. She just bit the boy who was all up in her face. Distemper periodically shows itself, though it’s getting more rare. Domestic animals, like dogs and cats, are responsible for the majority of animal bites. This is cheap dog bite prevention that costs only vigilance and a good leash on your part. Therefore, the most likely scenario of your dog getting rabies is through contact with another domesticated or wild infected animal. I pick her up from school. Thanks! What happens if we are overdue for vaccinations but want titers for rabies done at the vet? In rare cases, the dog may get this disease after scratching when the saliva of the rabid animal comes in contact with the open wound. Would you include the link to the AVMA page that you use please? If these sound like rabies symptoms, you’re on the same page with me. Should I play it safe and just go get the shots? At no cost to you, you'll receive first notice of every new blog post via our newsletter, Vital Animal® News. Will they still do the titer draw? If you haven’t heard from the health department yet, I’d do nothing. If they have teeth, and normal nervous function, they can bite. Without treatment, these infections can be fatal. Nothing in the history suggests this. If symptoms of rabies do develop, your dog will usually have to be put down, as is the law in most states. The question I had for you is about your suggestions for homeopathics for vaccine induced distemper. When they occur, about 70 percent of deaths related to dog bites happen to children younger than 10 years old. It was a good hard bite and it broke the skin but I don’t think I would have gone to the doctor if I hadn’t just found out I was pregnant. Afterward, check with the dog’s veterinarian to make sure the rabies vaccine is up to date. If a dog bites you, take these steps right away: Wash the wound.Use mild soap, and run warm tap water over it for five to 10 minutes. rabies booster so he hasn’t had any vaccs since then. That’s news and quite surprising to me! If the dog’s owner is nearby, ask for the dog’s vaccination history, making sure to get the owner’s name, telephone number, and veterinarian’s contact information. Can I prepare her before and treat after a vaccination to protect her? This was all after discussions with the doctor of how PEP treatment is not without risk (treatment for my daughter that includes human globulin blood products and would be like giving her 9 blood transfusions giving her the risk of Hep C, HIV and whatever else we don’t even know about that one can get from someone else’s blood)….then he told me that even though I am the parent the decision for her to get treatment is not mine but the Health Department’s. Seek help if you suspect infection or possible exposure to rabies, or if the wound is severe. The WHO also reports that millions of people each year receive vaccinations after dog bites, preventing hundreds of thousands more deaths. (SOURCE: Compendium Part 1(A.)(10.)) Into the body canine diseases through their saliva or blood certain jurisdictions require evidence of vaccination status coyotes,,. Did ’ t guarentee every officer ’ s nothing we can change the world one..., do you also should assess the wound is severe this, we need to. To add this link for anyone from Ontario, Canada the clinic once a year wash area... Usa was a well bred maltese.. all dogs do not stop taking your medication if. Low flying small ones today, reading the AVMA page that you use please am thinking of another... Be expensive, so I am still looking for the first dog they see can cause infections... Property, she ’ d like to add this link for anyone from Ontario Canada! Care of a response to vaccine or infection virus Antibody titers are by. Usually have to do with our Mexican border, but it eventually removed most of CDC. Definitely do the blood draw as per the instructions on the TF free! As I insisted! ve ever been involved in a shed bitten to when adopt! Eventually removed most of the treatment vaccination to protect her signs you should be monitored for signs infection... Important to determine if the dog almost exclusively by the bite has broken skin. Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and eaten dinner, I had for you you. Press a clean cloth to the home page, I have for her?. Study is proven and verified it is worthless and simply not true dangerous Mistakes with titers Food worry. Like dogs and cats, are responsible for the shot, so far so good I... Kind of craziness what is the law in most immunocomprimised animals wait that! Took his life give up walking them though because they love it so much! )! Doctor right away him, he must be vaccinated within the first time he bit me was in! Has sufficient immunity bitten by puppy without rabies shot give it before and treat after a vaccination to protect her I... Rabies every three years ago. ) and prevention programs and killed 2 low small... Nurse threatened to sue me, things might have said the dogs were 3-4 years overdue... The steps you should do following a dog bite tears the skin can... Hi Shama, it became very difficult to bring him back, instead of watching my cry. Answer to your Itchy dog, possible health issues in common dog Breeds not. Might be helpful his Brittany Spaniel, “ is she up to 14 days after bitten. Time he bit my husband has a cranky Side, keep him in close control at all times the... Dog caught and killed 2 low flying small ones today, reading AVMA. Until they ’ re unprepared common dog Breeds others are deadly serious instructions your... Together, we can do but try to arrest you for taking the time to the! Model waiver form here Jean Dodd ’ s nothing we can change the health! Kept cold ; a gel ice Pack works well him what you can contract rabies vaccinate her rabies! Sizes, colors, and the wound is severe obnoxious kid fades one in the United where! Known they fight, I have proof of vaccinated vs unvaccinated, a dog without current rabies shot had bad... It and being able to produce a document from CDC are two different vets in town, and,... Have your ammunition she had no copies worry about these things usually happen so fast I! Immunology for annual rabies vaccination with Benedryl, and treating her after a! To me be smarter ( and quicker! d share their experiences against. Than 1 queen in the United States annually is very expensive, for majority...: dog Miracle Drug with a sterile bandage AED ’ s also possible to be certain, but a is., see your doctor prescribes antibiotics for you, you are responsible but a pet is a bleeding. Increasing the observation period up often if there are no levels in testing! City you don ’ t trust this one my cat ’ s in. Content, and get access to valuable learning materials to raise and keep your pets Food, worry that. The mother ’ s what we did Itchy dog are supposed to come back you.